September 2000 News
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friends 29-09-2000 Royal Detour. I met Rita at the Multimedia Asia 2000 exhibition in PWTC, and sent her back to Bukit Jalil Stadium where she had left her car (she took the LRT.) It was raining and the roads had massive traffic jams, so we stopped by Carcosa along the way, which was a great relief to Rita... that got her back into her chatty self, and I guess it was a pretty memorable day.

family 28-09-2000 VCD Mania. Haniff, Hanim and I took a trip to Petaling Street (China Town) and I bought three VCDs: Toy Story 2, A Bugs Life, and Fantasia 2000. I wanted Dinosaurs, but they were out of stock.

personal 27-09-2000 New Stuff. Two exciting discoveries: Sade is releasing a new album entitled "Lovers Rock" and Realsoft 3D is a new and very cool modeling and animation package. Make sure you check them out!

family 12-09-2000 Back from Mekah. Fetched Mak at the airport for she returned from her Umrah. 

family 02-09-2000 Psycho Parallels. Went to Megamall to see the movie "What Lies Beneath" with Reza. Very good, and has many of Alfred Hitchcock's touches.


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