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friends 27-02-1999 Wackos trip to Port Dickson. Taking emergency leave from office, the four Wackonians (Anush, Tesy, Riz & I) took a drive to PD for a picnic on the beach (near Blue Lagoon); all this is for Tesy's going away to JB. The sea wasn't so clean, but that didn't stop Riz & Anush to have a swim. We also played "Uno", a card game that Anush bought, where I won the last game fabulously. Also played beach soccer with our plastic ball, and chased each other until we were exhausted. A most fun day. Read Rizal's version of the trip!

work 24-02-1999 Level 42 bridge crossing. The Chairman's investor presentation was done at KLCC Petronas Tower 1. They have a high-tech conference room with ATM fibre links to the desktop! We got a chance to cross the bridge that connects the twin towers on the 42nd floor. What a view. Pity, we weren't allowed access beyound this level; thought of going to the 82nd floor for a peek of the KL skyline from there.

personal 20-02-1999 Bought Mustek colour scanner. In the morning, I simply took a quick drive to Subang Parade, looking for a colour scanner to buy, and saw this brilliant flatbed - the Mustek Twainscan 600 USB. It's the USB which clinched the deal, and there wasn't another 600dpi scanner that had a USB interface that could beat its price of RM380. See some test scans I did. Oh, I also bought my first DVD movie - "Armageddon", which features Aerosmith's music video "I don't want to miss a thing". This, however, cost a whopper, at RM160.

friends 16-02-1999 Happy Chinese New Year. Take a look at this special greeting I created for my friends.....

friends 10-02-1999 Break fast at Alexis. This is my 5th day of Puasa Enam, and the 1st day for Aniza, so I invited her to buka puasa at Planter's Jim (Thai) to start with "Duck in Plum Sauce" followed by pasta at Alexis. It was her first time at both restaurants and we had a good time.

friends 07-02-1999 Exotic Open house. The special event of the week! Anush, Tesy and I drove to her house in Ampang, arrived a little late at about 5pm and savoured her most amazingly delicious cheese cake, banana cake, spaghetti and other nice goodies. Didn't managed to speak much to her, as she was busy entertaining guests. We later adjourned to Bangsar at Devi's and had lime juice.

work 07-02-1999 Prestn setup at Mandarin Hotel. Another investor presentation to be held tomorrow at this new hotel beside KLCC meant that we do the usual test setup of notebook and projector, etc. Anush and Tesy followed. They went shopping at Parkson's while I bashed away at the problematic projector. I bought Tanja chocolates for Ms Exotic.

work 05-02-1999 Adventure at Semantan. I had to replace my boss, Mr Tee, to attend a meeting at the Ministry of Energy, Telecommunications and Multimedia. Needless to say, I misread the address and also misheard him telling me, "It's near Wisma Semantan". So, I ended up at Wisma Semantan, after searching for a carpark for 15 minutes, finally parked at the parking centre behind the Shell station opposite the road, only to discover by the Pak Jaga that I'm supposed to head for Wisma Damansara. So, off I went in my Alfa, only to land myself in Pusat Bandar Damansara, where the Ministry of Education is. Finally, after over an hour late, I arrived at Wisma Damansara. Surely, a wacko adventure to the max!

family 04-02-1999 Yusof's E-11 repaired. Yusof finally got back his E-11 palmpc and passed it to me so that I can install the trial version of Calligrapher v5.2, the handwriting recognition software which can convert even cursive writing into text. I downloaded and installed the software a few days later, and it turned out to be real winner. It converts whole sentences quite easily, and you can write anywhere on the screen. Yusof will be making his on-line purchase soon... However, for me to be able to use it on my E-10, I'd have to buy at least a 4MB upgrade. Computer technology moves so fast, that the E-100 colour version is already announced, and would be released in about three months time.

family 02-02-1999 Haniff's birthday. A small birthday bash took place at our house and Haniff's friends came over for dinner. A few managed a quick peek at my Dell PC, and tried out the addictive Rogue Squadron, which impressed them of course. Called up Ms Exotic and got an invitation from her to attend her Raya open house this coming Sunday!

personal 01-02-1999 Star Wars : Rogue Squadron. Finally, Haniff and I got passed the four-footed AT-AT monster and managed to quash him down using the Speeder's tow cable. This game is getting better and better as you progress through each mission; I'm stuck now on the 5th mission because those blasted Tie Interceptors are too much for me..... aaarrggghhh...


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