September 1999 News
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personal 26-09-1999 Haircut and Shopping. Did loads of shopping at Parkson Grand after I had my haircut. They were having their grand sales, so I bought myself two pairs of black shoes, some socks and trousers. Must do some more in the next few days...

friends 24-09-1999 Saw "The Haunting". Went out with Cat Lady, Han Solo, Jar Jar Binks, and Malar for dinner at the new Italian restaurant in Bangsar called "Dolce Vita Trattoria", which I rate just ok. Having stuffed ourselves with pasta and pizza, Han and Malar called it a day, while the rest of the Wackos trottered off to KLCC to watch the suspenseful horror movie at midnight.

work 24-09-1999 1st day at Uniten. I arrived early on my first day at Uniten, and met up with my new boss, Tn. Hj. Rahim Bardan, who took me around the campus. Met up with the Rector, Dr. Tajul Arus and Deputy Rector, Tn. Hj. Yaakob Sharif, and also quite a few others. All welcomed me and were pleasantly surprised on my appointment. I've a lot to catch up, and I think it's going to be quite interesting and challenging.

work 21-09-1999 Cigre99 CD finally arrives. Due to the last minute bug-fixes, duplication of the CDs only commenced on Monday (yesterday) so we are receiving the first batch this afternoon. On the opening day yesterday, I presented a copy of the CD to YB Dato' Amar Leo Moggie, the Minister of Energy, Communications and Multimedia, and demo'ed the application to him and his entourage. They were pleased with it, and most people were also happy with the product.

personal 19-09-1999 Cat Lady at Cat Show. DI was getting hungry in the afternoon working on the Cigre project, so I decided to have lunch at BSC. Guess wot? There was a cat show there and I bumped into Cat Lady, who was with Simba and her nieces! There were loads of cats, furry flat-faced ones, and Siamese ones, but practically all were having there afternoon nap so they were oblivious of our calls. Silly cats...

work 19-09-1999 Final changes to Cigre99. I still had another 10% to finish off today, which included testing, before passing the CD-R to the vendor for replication. Later in the day, we had to set up the Infokiosk in the exhibition booth, and attend the rehearsal at Sunway Lagoon Resort, where this symposium is to held. What a weekend!

work 18-09-1999 More changes to Cigre99 CD. With the Cigre Symposium around the corner (next Monday), our vendor discovered a bug in our multimedia CD-ROM application, so I had to work overtime (and I mean overtime...!) to rectify the sound problems experienced on older PCs when viewing the video clips. This means a delay of the delivery to possibly next Tuesday...

work 17-09-1999 I'm transferred to Uniten! A shocking piece of news that I received two days ago from my boss, has been confirmed when I received a letter signed by Tan Sri himself, stating that I'd be transferred laterally to Uniten to replace Ruslan Jamil's post! This came as a big surprise to all in ISD, and even those in Uniten were not informed of this replacement and transfer. I'm to report next Monday, so there goes my brekkie sessions at Rajoo's or nice tea dashes at Boob's. Hope this turns out to be a blessing in disguise....

friends 14-09-1999 Saw "The 13th Warrior". Azian, Anush and I went to OU to get ourselves entertained with lots of battlings, blood and gore, in this action-thriller that was similar to Braveheart. Brought them some popiah basah, which when mixed with the chicken pie they had, turned out even more delicious.

work 13-09-1999 Tan Sri's prestn at Uniten. An unexpected presentation that Tan Sri was to give this morning had me rushing to Uniten with Omar, missing my department meeting, and returning to HQ only during lunchtime.

personal 12-09-1999 Lazy Sunday. Did absolutely nothing today, except slept and lazed around in the house. Wanted to go shopping, but blamed it on the hot weather for not adventuring outside. Did my morning jog, though, and felt good after that. 

friends 05-09-1999 Gold shopping. Cat Lady wanted to buy a birthday gift for her niece, so invited Ju to help choose the gold earrings. This is Ju's first visit to her apartment, and we got to play briefly with Simba. Since I was the car driver in this deal, we all went to OU to select the merchandise. I managed to cover half of OU and they were still deciding on which earrings to buy...

work 1-09-1999 TNB celebrates 50th Anniversary. The surprise that Tan Sri mentioned to me during the video shoot two days ago, was that Datuk Azhar Mansur, the Malay sailor that made it round the world on his boat Jalur Gemilang, would appear on stage.


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