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work 30-04-1999 Visit TNRD's new office in Bangi. This being my first visit to the hanger-like structure of TNRD's high-tech looking building, I decided to follow the entourage by bus. Met up with Dato' Ariff, who seemed to be doing well, considering he had a major operation on his spinal column.

friends 27-04-1999 D-Day. The Wackos couldn't keep the wraps anymore, so we had to let the cat out of the bag. The night before, after an EGM was held, we decided to make peace with cheese cakes at the House of Cats. We tried to contact the cat before it was let out of the bag, but didn't get through. Master of Cats responded quite positively to the news, but not cat of the bag, who was audibly upset. We will need to strategise another peace treaty, perhaps with another bagful of cheese cakes....

friends 25-04-1999 Pig out at Radisson. I got another birthday treat, this time courtesy of Honey, Bunny & Wabbit at the Chinese Restaurant in the Radisson Hotel, Shah Alam, where we went for the "eat all you can" promo. We had everything from Shark Fin Soup to Battered Prawn to Steamed Cod to the Pan Cake dessert. Absolute yum!

friends 23-04-1999 Pig out at Haagen-Daz. The Wackos cannot resist temptation esp. when there's a special bargain! Azian, Anush, Rizal, Tesy and I went for the "eat all you can" offer at the delicious ice-cream shop in 1 Utama where between us, we gobbled down fifteen scoops of rich ice-cream, six different slices of cakes, and glasses of fruit juices. Anush then realised she had to work out extra at her gym which calculates to one hour per scoop...

work 21-04-1999 Showed Tiger video at office. Gave my office mates a shock when they saw the video of the baby tiger, which was not so small after all (with paws bigger than my hands, he's no baby.) They were most impressed by the opportunity I had with the tiger, and were tickled by the scene where the tiger got shampooed. The Wackos also had their share of the video, and those who didn't follow to Melaka could just gape in regret.

friends 17-04-1999 Tiger Show at Melaka. The best birthday gift I had happened in Melaka Zoo, when I was allowed to play with a real life tiger! (Not your weekend "tiger show", ok...) This was due to the efforts of Anush and Tesy, who had tricked me into believing we were picking up her friend at KLIA, but instead drove all the way to Melaka (blurr me only suspected something was wrong after we passed PD.) Best of all, I have this captured on video, as it was a most unforgettable, exhilarating experience!

friends 16-04-1999 My Birthday at All That Jazz. The day's appetizers started with a blueberry chesse cake presented to me by my office friends, while main meal followed later in the evening with a jazzed-up entertainment by Paula Malai Ali on "Mahna Mahna" at 'All That Jazz', and lastly finished off with dancing at Iguana's. Read the whole birthday event in full.

friends 15-04-1999 Pangkor as Promised. This Wackos homepage has created such a craze among the Wackonians that Anush decided to contribute her article on our Pulau Pangkor holiday, which happened some years back, on my birthday.

friends 14-04-1999 Ice Cream Wackos. Sharmala emailed to us, all the way from Sweden, her analysis of our Wacko selves, in terms of ice cream flavours.

personal 12-04-1999 Modem hit 50Kbps. After installing an updated V90 driver from Dell, my connection to TMNet is no more at 33.6Kbps. It's superfast now. I've also connected the Cassiopeia cradle to my home PC so that synchronisation occurs without the hassle of the firewall at office.

work 11-04-1999 Pelitawanis Homepage Launch. Had to wake up 6am on a Sunday morning to setup the presentation at TNB for the 21st Anniversary and AGM of PELITAWANIS TNB. The homepage was launched by Datuk Tajuddin, our Executive Chairman & President.

personal 09-04-1999 I met Paula Malai Ali !. Incredible but true. It happened at Mandarin Oriental hotel during the launching of Lotus Domino R5; the absolutely gorgeous Paula was the MC for that event. Ning Baizura was there too, but Paula was the major distraction, so I simply walked up to her and asked for her autograph, which she kindly obliged. I chatted to her for a while, and found her unexpectedly frank, esp. about herself, as she told to me about her likes and dislikes (!). I like her brand of honesty. Its so refreshing.

friends 07-04-1999 KL Tower, Little India & Central Market. Having got home at 4am from last nights dance bash, I managed to take Lubna & Adeeba out for lunch at the 421m high Sri Angkasa revolving restaurant. Jameel & Azlina joined the fun, and we ensured that the 2,000-odd calories we each lost on the dance floor last night, was quickly restored by the extensive buffet spread that included salads, venison steak, malay and chinese cuisine, culminating in a sortie of cakes and fruit mix. Read on for more tidbits.

friends 06-04-1999 Sri Melayu, El Nino, Hard Rock Cafe. I wanted Lubna & Adeeba to have a taste of Malay food and also get to see a live cultural performance, so Sri Melayu restaurant was a smart choice. The Wackos were invited, but only Tesy came, as Riz chickened out, Anush was on a curfew leash, Azian had to feed her cats, and Ju decided to work late at office. To know what happened next, esp. at El Nino and Hard Rock, click here.

friends 05-04-1999 Lubna & Adeeba Arrived. Khalid's friends from UK had just flown in to KL having had a lovely time in Penang for 4 days. I met them at Shangri-La in the evening and then took them for a drive around KL, showing them places like the Railway Station and Petaling Street. I drove all the way to Sunway Pyramid, which stunned them to bits, both by the exterior Egyption design and the ice-skating ring inside. We had dinner at Dome, which had delicious mushroom soup, and later investigated the magnificent Sunway Lagoon Resort. We ended the trip with a last lap round the Shah Alam mosque.

personal 05-04-1999 Official Launch of My Homepage. Today I've decided to publish my "Diary of a Wackonian" website! I hope all my efforts so far had paid off. Enjoy!

friends 04-04-1999 Star Trek Insurrection & PC Fair. Saw the movie at Sunway Pyramid with Adly and gang. Thought it was pretty corny. Not gripping like the episodes with the Borgs. Also went to the PC Fair at PWTC with Abbas and Zul. Abbas bought a 4MB compact flashcard for his Nino, while Zul went on a shopping spree taking home a Microtek C6 600x1200dpi scanner (very slim), a Superdisk 120MB drive, and a Genius pen tablet. Saw the ORB 2.2GB 3.5" rewritable drive and the Dazzle DVC, but am waiting for the USB versions of both.

work 02-04-1999 Lotus Quickplace. Got the Beta3 from Lotus and installed this brilliant web-based Intranet system. It was so easy to setup and using it was a breeze. Plus it is so powerful. End-users can create their own collaborative web spaces, upload any document type and track them using workflow, and integrate messaging and calendering in one very customisble environment. Highly recommended.


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