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friends 30-06-1999 Rizal's tribute to Tesy. Just when you thought it was safe to turn off your light-sabre, that you felt a sudden disturbance in the Force; HawkEagle transforms to Han Solo (emphasis on 'solo') and lashes out a last crack from his Millennium Falcon to shake off the grip of Princess Armidala. The Force is strong with this one....  

work 29-06-1999 Minister's visit to TNB. Getting roped in to help prepare a presentation for the CEO at the eleventh hour is becoming routine in my already haphazard schedule. Practically all of the top MD's TNB were present when the Deputy Minister of Entrepreneur Development came by.

friends 28-06-1999 Barn Thai dinner. We got a treat from Cat Lady to some delicious Siamese food at 1 Utama while everybody else got Tesy's treatment of her getting mugged and causing a five-pack car crash (by being stationery). We really wonder how JB is going to sustain the impact she will have on that city.

personal 26-06-1999 FrontPage 2000. Installed the upgrade to FP98 and wow, what a leap in features and full of improvements! I didn't expect it to be so much better. Plus it's so fast. Have yet to install Office 2000, but what I saw of it during the Microsoft's Executive Summit (see 21/6 below) showed it to be very promising indeed. Also saw "The Mummy" on my PC. Very good.

work 25-06-1999 My QuickPlace demo. I gave my first ever presentation and demo of Lotus QuickPlace to my ISD department. Went well, except for the network failure in between, terribly slow notebook, the unexpected popping up of an email entitled "Tesy's Latin Dance Review", which caused a few giggles from the audience. I need to revise and polish the presentation, as I think I haven't quite convinced the majority about the relevance of this revolutionary application. Back to the drawing board...

friends 24-06-1999 Tesy's farewell. It was a sad time for the Wackos because Tesy had to leave us as she was being transferred to JB. For the Wackos, this was cause for celebration. No point getting depressed about it. Yasmin baked her usual delicious apple pie, which we had with vanilla ice cream and stuffed ourselves with some home-made curry puffs, but still were capable of ordering main dishes at Carevelli Italian restaurant in KLCC, where we had our dinner. Aneka, who was Anush's friend, joined us, and so did Azian. Rizal pooped out when we acsended towards El-Nino for some Latino dancing. I half-pooped by not dancing.... preferred to just drool over the scenery.

work 21-06-1999 Microsoft Executive Summit. For the next two days, I'll be attending this seminar at the Sunway Lagoon Resort. Somehow, I got registered as a VIP and get to brekkie and lunch away with some top CEO's of local companies. At least I wore a tie. Met an old classmate of mine from secondary school whom I haven't seen for fifteen years.

friends 19-06-1999 More of Anush's birthday. After the day trip to Melaka, I had a dinner birthday bash with Tes, Riz, Dev and Malar celebrating Anu's birthday. Tes had to pick an Italian restaurant that Anush hated, but it turned out much better than expected. We later went to crowded Bangsar where I became a part-time orange storekeeper, ferrying oranges from Alexis to Hankyu. The obsession with oranges took us to Orange County in Sri Hartamas when we hitched a ride with Villa and Sachin. Riz, being a obsessive pooper himself, decided that five minutes in Bangsar was too much for him to handle, and went home.

work 19-06-1999 Melaka site visit. We had to decide between A'Famosa Resort and Riviera Resort for our department retreat, so boss and a few of us drove there to access the places. En. Rahman and wife plus kid drove is his SLK 320 Kompressor, while I drove in my Alfa with Ratna and Daud as navigators. The verdict goes to Riviera because A'Famosa was a real letdown - it had no atmosphere and was not well maintained.

friends 14-06-1999 Princess Armidala the Virus. If you need the Force badly (or you're just down and require an uplift in your spirits), read the Wacko version of this great epic.

personal 15-06-1999 Modem speed score. I managed the highest data transfer rate on my modem - 90Kbps! Somehow, tonight, the response to the Internet was very fast.

work 15-06-1999 GIS tenderer briefing at MSC. I attended the briefing given by our TNB-MSC office on the GIS Applications that they recently floated.

friends 14-06-1999 Rizal's gift of chocolates. Having had a splendid time in the Pearl of the Orient, Riz decided he will do a good deed once by getting us Belgium chocs and rewrapping them in a "Made in Penang" box. Little does he know that the Redang cookies we gave him last time were in fact dioxin-saturated Tapai that were intoxicated with grade-5 Tesy "splashproof" blessings. On double check, I think Riz never got those cookies.... they were hand-gifted to an EU representative, one who has had a latent connection with a resident Wacko.... (Nevermind, let's pass Riz the Belgium cheese cake...)

work 14-06-1999 Sirim audit. ISD was given a thorough check during the ISO 9001 surveillance audit. I luckily escaped unscathed. My major role was to recommend the lunch venue, and I selected "Saffron", which was undeniably a very good choice, as everyone enjoyed the food there.

work 10-06-1999 QuickPlace testing. I'm busy this week testing out this new teamware application, which I find really good, and am also preparing a presentation and demo to be given to my department and other divisions too. Interesting features include built-in support for SSL 3.0 and offline replication/synchronisation. Wish me luck.

work 08-06-1999 Called to the Palace. Just when I was about to go to PWTC to setup for tomorrow's Investor Exhibition, when the Chairman's Office called me to assist CEO as he wanted to give his presentation via notebook. This was held at Palace of the Golden Horses, so a company car that had actually gone there, had to come all the way back to HQ just to pick me up. Wick or wot?

friends 06-06-1999 Sent Rizal off to KLIA. It seems someone has a chance for a short island holiday and is having all the fun without the rest of the Wackos behind his back. I helped sent Rizal to KLIA as he has some business to attend to in Penang (and beyond...)

personal 05-06-1999 Battle with Monster Robots. I bought Mech Warrior 3, an excellent game from Microprose which has got me stuck to my PC for hours. You operate a variety of huge metal "transformer" type mechanical bots that fire from an array of amazing weaponry. You can also command several other bots to fight the war for you. The graphics are spectacular and the atmosphere astounding. Oh, it also whacked over 400MB of my harddisk space!

work 04-06-1999 SuperHuman Software. Finally I got the evaluation CD-ROM of the Release version of Domino R5 and Quickplace, two magnificent systems from Lotus. They are pretty stable (compared to their beta cousins) and I will be planning to present it to our department soon, after I've tinkered with it and developed a few prototypes. At last!

friends 04-06-1999 The Menace of Star Wars. The Wackos not wanting to be left out of the Star Wars fever, managed to get midnight tickets to see "Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace" at KLCC. Let the Force lead you to my review of this movie.

work 03-06-1999 Windows 2000 Seminar. Went to Mandarin Oriental Hotel for the Technical Seminar on Microsoft's latest operating system - Windows 2000.

friends 02-06-1999 Anussa's Birthday. What was meant to be a simple tea party turned out into another Wacko adventure, even though we were running short of the normal quota of Wackonians. Join us on some tickling episodes which began on our way to Suchan right up to KLCC where we saw "Never Been Kissed."


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