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friends 28-05-1999 Philharmonic Princess. I saw "Puteri Gunung Ledang" at KLCC's Dewan Philharmonik Petronas with my lovely stewardess friends, and this was my first time at this beautiful hall. The music system is superb, and we were seated at one of the upper circle balcony. The show was enjoyable and later we karaoke'd at KLGC.

friends 28-05-1999 Defragging Rizal. Please take a moment to read Rizal's explanation on defrag....

friends 25-05-1999 Cruel Moments. At the spur of the moment, the Wackos decided to see a movie called "Cruel Intentions" at Sunway Pyramid. I'd give it 5/10. Maybe less. Not that is was censored to the max, but rather that it was a little shallow and lacked good acting and character development. Should've seen "Entrapment" instead. But later, I had very nice roticanai sardin at the mamak stalls in front of Sunway Lagoon Resort. Yum!

personal 23-05-1999 Modem booster. Downloaded and installed a few good utilities, namely Speednet v2.0 which increase connection speed by 50%, DUN Monitor v2.1 which graphically tracks rate of data transfer, and Pop-Up Killer v1.6 which automatically closes those annoying pop-up browser windows that usually displays adverts.

friends 22-05-1999 Italian lunch at KLCC. The Wackos decided to take out Cat Lady for a lunch treat at Trattoria Volgo, a spacious Italian restaurant in Suria KLCC, which had Living Quarters' light green and pink plates as décor. They served delicious food here, and we ordered Scampi Picanti, Verdure, Taglia Salmon, Lasagne, Panna Cotta, Tiramisu, and pink Guava juices. I know all this because I have the receipt right beside me.

family 21-05-1999 Yusof bought a Dell. My brother just received his new Celeron 433MHz Dell, which I helped to install this evening. It has the same brilliant 19" monitor as I have, although the rest of the equipment are a grade lower, but performs just as fast. Best of all, it cost him almost half of what I paid for my PC! He'll be surfing the Internet every evening from now on....

personal 15-05-1999 Workaholic. Accidentally came to work today not realising it was my Saturday off. Quickly returned home to update my Wackos homepage...

work 14-05-1999 Cigre mtg. with French Connection. Had our committee meeting of Cigre where the two French gentlemen from Paris attended for the first time. I managed to demonstrate the conceptual design of the multimedia CD-ROM and presented a status update of the Cigre homepage, which pleased the whole commitee. Also finally received a eval. copy of the released Lotus Domino R5 suite. Will install it next week.

friends 13-05-1999 Saw "The Matrix". Totally bizarre! You simply must see "The Matrix" which is one excellent movie, with a brilliant storyline and superb special effects. Also passed the first parcel gift to Cat Lady.

work 11-05-1999 TNB Interim Results. Even though I'm on leave today, I had to do my bit for our Interim Financial Results announcement. Luckily, I had Mr Khor and Aniza who was helping me out, setting up the usual notebook and projector combination. TNB is back to the black, with a group pre-tax profit of RM 502 mil. and so there was a large turnout by the press and analysts. The food was pretty ok, too, esp. the Golden Gate San Francisco crush...

friends 10-05-1999 Back from Redang Holiday. Wow! What a splendid time we had at Pulau Redang! It was so beautiful plus the weather was perfect, we had a most relaxing and enjoyable experience. The beach was milky white, the sea was turquoise blue, the fish and corals were magnificent, and they are in abundance even right along the beaches, not to mention that we were swimming among real sharks right in our beachfront, albeit baby sharks about 1˝ feet long. For the complete story, take a dive with us to paradise Redang!

friends 06-05-1999 Redang trip meeting. The Wackos held a brief discussion to plan for our weekend holiday to Pulau Redang. Nothing much to consider, really. Just turn up at the airport by 7am latest on Saturday, and don't forget to bring your swimming trunks and slippers. Throw in some mineral water and Pringles for good measure. We've decided to tour Kuala Terengganu on our way back, since we'll be in transit for more than six hours there. Well, hope all goes well!

work 04-05-1999 Elenex '99 launch. I'm on duty the first day, and everything turned out ok. Just like any other exhibition, your patience is tested as the hours pass by and it nears closing time. Elenex is also a pretty specialised expo, so I could hardly explore other booths as it dealt with real nitty-gritty engineering stuff. Good break, though.

work 03-05-1999 Elenex '99 setup at PWTC. Went over to the exhibition centre to set up the TNB Homepage for this year's Elenex expo. Our booth looks good and is just at the main entrance.


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