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work 29-07-1999 IT Workshop at Uniten. The next two days, I shall be in our university in Bangi to attend the company-wide workshop on the direction and application of IT in TNB. I have been assigned as a rapporteur, which means I'll be working when everyone has finished their part.

family 25-07-1999 PC Fair at PWTC. Abbas followed me to this annual computer fair and boy, it was as jam packed at Sheila's concert! Unfortunately, one of the accessories that I wanted wasn't yet available (the ORB 2.2GB portable rewritable disk USB-version), although the Dazzle DVC USB-version was. But since I needed the ORB to store video output files captured from Dazzle, I bought neither. Gotta wait a 2-3 more months before the ORB is out. Sheesh!

friends 24-07-1999 Sheila Majid at Hard Rock Cafe. Had an invitation by the family of Cat Lady, Olin & Ina to see Sheila Majid performing live. The place was packed to the max, and the view was somewhat obstructed, 'cos we were either at the back of the band or from the side. But lucky me got to salam (handshake) with Sheila as she left the stage at the end of her show! She is petite, but still as beautiful as ever. Her concert will be on 18th of September. See you there!

personal 23-07-1999 Upgraded to Calligrapher v5.3. This brilliant enhancement has made handwriting recognition a joy to use on my Casio E-10 palmpc. Check out Calligrapher yourself.

work 19-07-1999 GIS Tender Evaluation. I will be fully occupied today and tomorrow working as part of the technical evaluation committee of the TNBMSC GIS project. We hope to implement a world-class system incorporating the latest modern technology and business processes. Scheduled to complete by end of 2000, the GIS Applications will be used to plan, construct, operate and maintain the MSC's electrical infrastructure, which would include both Putrajaya and Cyberjaya.

friends 14-07-1999 Wacko Wars. View the latest group photo of the Wackos!

friends 12-07-1999 Pictionary, Uno and Maggi Mee. Cat Lady happened to be free in the night, so we all had an outing in Anush's home (her parents were not around.) It started with Cat Lady being totally fascinated by the orderliness of the once-a-month audited home, and then we had special mashed putumayam, while I had special Maggi mee in Campbell mushroom soup. Afterwards, we had a round of Pictionary, with Riz partnering Anush, me with Cat Lady, and Michelle who played time keeper (she forgot to bring her glasses.) After winning that stressful game, we decided to have a 'geram' session of Uno. Michelle, who hadn't played this game before, won several times, while Cat Lady had to be contented with just shuffling the cards.

personal 11-07-1999 Updates to my homepage. Make sure you browse through some additions to my website: KL Tower, Wild Wild West, Rock & Roll, and Sharmala's Wedding. 

friends 09-07-1999 Fireflies in a river of crocodiles. I thought yesterday was hectic, but today was an encounter near the brink of death! The Wackos (Rizal, Anush, Tesy and I) decided to celebrate Tesy's return to KL by bringing her to see the fireflies in Kg. Kuantan in Kuala Selangor. Driving there after sundown was suspenseful enough, but once we got to the wooden shack pier that led us to the sampan, Rizal who was fairly chatty throughout the journey had his mouth clamped shut silently, right up until we reached back safely to KL! Is Riz a chook or wot?!? Anyway, the slow tour along the river, in a boat so small a slight sneeze might have toppled all of us over, on a night brightly sprinkled with stars, was captivatingly mirrored by the glowing flicker of these tiny winged creatures; it was their mating signal. Thus, such cravings fired up our imagination - I saw sea monsters popping out of the waters,  Tesy swore she witnessed white tombstones shimmering on the riverbanks, Anush sang about crocodiles while Riz probably quietly regretting the trip!

friends 08-07-1999 Rozy's birthday, and Tesy's return. Today was such a hectic day; in the morning I had to get my car insurance done, only to find out that I could save more than RM1000 (!) if I devalued the sum insured, so I need to redo the banker's cheque; then I went to buy Rozy's chocolate cake and got Suria to pick it up from the lobby; Rozy & Zal wanted to have lunch, so I took them out to Victoria Station where we got the train cabin seats; after lunch, we discovered that my car was blocked by some idiot who double-parked so it delayed us returning to office; then I had to rush to PJ for a discussion with the GIS Consultants. But most scary of all, was the appearance of Tesy, who decided to make a haunting comeback, disturbing the quiet peace that we had had for the last few days. 

personal 07-07-1999 AAM to the Rescue. Finally, it had to happen! The Armidala  virus had struck me! Actually, I had suspected something was wrong for the past 2-3 days, as my car started with a very slight hesitation. This, I correctly thought, was the battery going dead. But my estimation of its life span was too ambitious, for this afternoon, my car battery announced its resignation. So, the Automobile Association of Malaysia was called to rescue the stranded Alfa, which was parked in its bay at TNB. Well, all is good now, and with my next car service due in less than two months, it should be in tip top condition.

personal 03-07-1999 Descent 3. Wow! What a megabuster of a game! I had just purchased it and it had just gobbled up 500MB of harddisk space just for "Standard" install! The graphics in this game is so advanced that I had to upgrade my nVidia TNT drivers to the latest Detonator version. And playing it at 1024x768 was a little slow, so I had to limit it to 960x720. But what superb graphics, and the sound directly supports Aureal 3D! It brought back nostalgic memories of the original Descent that I had grown to love, and after the initial training stint, I instinctively controlled the mouse and keyboard. Definitely 5-stars.

work 01-07-1999 The new ISD. Today marks the demise of En. Abdul Rahman Shafi as he makes way for Tn. Hj. Abdullah to head our department. En. Rahman moves on to graze pastures harvested by the CEO himself, while Tn. Hj. gives his first briefing to the staff on the future of ISD. Meanwhile, in the greener fields of TNB-MSC, we begin the tender evaluation process of the GIS RFP (see 15/6). "To progress is to change, but change in itself does not necessarily lead to progress" - HW.


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