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family 29-01-1999 Raya at Najib's house. After a few sessions with Rogue Squadron, we adjourned to my cousin's house. Almost everyone went, and I met up with Mak Long Rahah, Nizam and Nazim. Food was so-so.

work 29-01-1999 Raya at ISD. A dual celebration of Raya and Nor Aminah's farewell took place this morning. Rizal, the ever lucky "langkah kaki kanan" wackos appeared just right before the opening speech by MC Zuraidah, who preceeded the tearful goodbye's by Aminah. Food was ok. Tomorrow we will have TNB's Raya Open House at Kelab Kilat.

personal 28-01-1999 Star Wars : Rogue Squadron. Just got this totally wicked 3D game! It has astounding graphics and special audio-visual effects, superb gameplay and feels like you're in the movie, nay, in fact, immersed in the real world that Luke Skywalker fights in. My nephew, Haniff, is hooked onto it. Definitely the best game in my collection now, which includes Tomb Raider 3, Populous 3, Comanche Gold, Longbow 2, Fifa 99 and Commandos. Read about it at LucasArts.

work 26-01-1999 A day at the Ritz. Well, the presentation to investors by Datuk CEO at the new 5* Ritz-Carlton hotel went fine this morning. Just to inform you that the breakfast there was delicious and the hotel decor quite pleasant. I had to have roticanai while the rest of the mat-sallehs had their omelette and croissant. And the hotel girls were most pretty and friendly! Didn't get around to ask them out though... (one was Samantha, the other one Shereen, and i think the last one was Sara....) Later, also had roticanai for lunch, across the road from the hotel, in this shabby still-under-construction stall. tasted just as good, with a quaint similarity.... hmmm.... At least the roticanai was properly sized.

work 25-01-1999 Ritz-Carlton presentation setup. Had to test notebook setup at this new hotel in KL with Nizam of IRU for our President's presentation tomorrow to international bigtime investors. Went there at 9pm. Quite a nice hotel; it is at the end of Jalan Imbi. Need to be there early tomorrow morning, ie. 7:30am (crikey!).

family 25-01-1999 My brother's new E-11. Yusof, my elder brother, purchased the E-11, an upgraded version of the Casio palmpc that I own, the E-10. The E-11 comes with twice the RAM at 8MB, and has a few new softwares that comes in its CD-ROM. But the unfortunate thing, is that, the very first time he was trying to take it out from its soft-plastic protective case, the E-11 slipped from his hand and fell to the floor, breaking the glass screen! And he hasn't even switched it on yet.

friends 25-01-1999 Final visit to Sharm. The Wackos made a trip to see Vick & Sharm at their Bangsar home before they leave for Sweden tomorrow. We went to Boob's for tea. I got a Nova Scotia keychain from Azian from her recent trip to Canada.

friends 22-01-1999 Brekkie at Rajoo's. The Wackos decided to have roticanai for breakfast, considering it was the last days Sharm would be in Malaysia. I went over to Vick's house in Bangsar to sort out his PC, with partial success. I tell you, the roticanai must be undergoing a regular shrinking process - it's so small nowadays.

family 19-01-1999 Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri. Well, it's that time of year again, when everyone (well, almost everyone) congregates at my house and celebrates the ending of the Fasting month. The Wackos (those that had not balik kampung) came over too and savoured the delicious rendang, curry ayam, and tons of kuih; Tesy brought along a gift in the form of an apple pie (yum!).

work 12-01-1999 Netscape Applications Server training. Had to attend a 3-day course on NAS at Cybertouch. However, I was infected with conjunctivities on the later half of the 2nd day, and was on MC the last day. Luckily, the attack was just a mild one, but it'll last for at least a week...

personal 11-01-1999 Surfing on the Internet. Telekom activated my line today, and I was cruising on the Net at full-speed on my first login. Tested out my TMNet POP mail and that worked fine. Unleash the crimson forces :- I'm alive!.

personal 8-01-1999 Purchased brilliant Dell 450MHz PC. My superb 450MHz Pentium II-class monster arrives and after assembling the Ikea-lookalike table and cupboard, the PC is installed in my room. Full setup and testing of all games, etc. took 2 solid days. Read the details of its specifications and what I think about this marvelous machine. Telekom had also installed a new telephone line but will activate in on Monday.

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