January 2001 News
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personal 30-01-2001 New Tyres. My left rear tyre got punctured by a nail somewhere in Bangi last Saturday, so I changed not just one, but got two new tyres, the Yokohama A539, each costing me RM330. Had I replaced the bad tyre with the existing brand, a Bridgestone Potenza S02, that would have zapped me at RM700 each! See photos of my car in the service centre.

friends 27-01-2001 New Kid in Town. As usual, I'm the last person to know what's happening, but Sharm had given birth to a baby girl named Shanika on 23 Feb 2001 in Sweden. You must see photos of mum, daughter and family - wot a fairy-tale-like story. Lovely name for a girl too. Congrats!!

personal 26-01-2001 Rabbit Runaway. Out of the blue, just around 7.30pm, I spotted a pair of adult white rabbits wandering outside my house! I quickly got my mum to check out this rare scene, to confirm that I was not daydreaming. Indeed, those two furry blobs were roaming, and when I approached them to take a photo, they hopped away. Gawd, me wonders from where those two escaped from, and feared that their lives were at stake, wot from the neighbouring dogs and cats. But no way I could catch them. So, all I could do was watch them hop away into the horizon...

family 25-01-2001 Rainy Day. Updated photos of kids visiting our home, plus shots of pouring rain, which adversely affected the neighbour's cat.

personal 24-01-2001 Gong Xi Fa Chai! Chk out this little and very simple 3D animation I did over the weekend. Here's a flower to brighten up your day!

work 23-01-2001 Raya at the Registrar. More food was consumed at the Registrar's office...

friends 22-01-2001 Selera Putra. I cancelled my trip to TNB HQ for their Raya Open House, but instead savoured the company of some "cute and pretty" girls from Cyberjaya...

family 21-01-2001 Visit by MakLong Temah. Drove to Subang Airport to pick up my auntie. I also have new pics of the orange neighbour's cat.

work 18-01-2001 Raya at HQ. I was fortunate to be in HQ and was invited for another Raya festivity at TNB-IT.

work 17-01-2001 Raya at Uniten. Uniten had their Raya celebrations done in usual good style.

friends 15-01-2001 Swedish Scenes. Check out the latest pics from Vick and Sharmala by visiting there website at http://www.vicknesan.org!

family 14-01-2001 Tahlil Tun Razak. Went to the Memorial and met my cousins Najib, Jo, Nazim, Nizam and Nazir, not to mention MakLong. Also met Pakcik Hamzah and Shahril, AyahTaib & Auntie Adik, Feizah and Wan Jaafar, and got to shake hands a few times with Dr. Mahathir, PakLah, a few other dignitaries and god knows who. Utter nutter me left my digicam in my car, so you have to trust me on this one...

family 13-01-2001 Jay's Raya. Nazir invited me to his CIMB Raya dinner at Sheraton Imperial. Met Nik Johaan, who is so tall now, and made a few acquaintances, mostly CIMB employees. After that, I went to KLCC and was with Siti and Amir for some desserts at Gloria Jeans.

friends 10-01-2001 Surprise Scottish Visit. Siti Salbiah and Amir took time off their PhD course and paid us a visit at Uniten.

work 09-01-2001 Raya at Office. Take a look at some photos I took of my department celebrating Aidilfitri.

personal 01-01-2001 Happy New Year! I did a bit of last-minute shopping and the catch of the day was the latest Sade album "Lovers Rock". Please also look at some updates to my digital gallery.


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