April 2000 News
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personal 26-04-2000 Romeo blues. I just sent my Alfa for service, and it cost me a whopping RM1,200! There was nothing wrong with the car, but it had to have a few belts replaced. It feels better than before, and at that price, there had better be some bloody improvement. Sheesh!

friends 26-04-2000 Cyberjaya treat #2. The HQ gang happened to be in Uniten for a course in Visual Basic, so I decided to take them out to lunch at Cyberview Lodge! There wuz Anush, Yasmin, Jock Nee (spelling?) and Ammutha (the cikgu), all of whom has not been to this resort. Pity we couldn't sit in the air-conditioned area, as the place was fully booked, but we sat by the pond garden, which provided a more scenic view.

friends 25-04-2000 Cyberjaya treat #1. Rita invited me out for lunch to this very nice place called "Cyberview Lodge" which is near MMU. Kak 'Kin joined in the fun, for it was both a belated birthday treat for me plus a thanks for helping out in Rita's wedding. I gave Rita her wedding VCD which I created, and she was extremely pleased with it. Anyone needing their wedding videoed....??

work 23-04-2000 Building a dam. As part of the official opening of the university, we needed to do some video shooting at the construction site opposite Uniten.

friends 22-04-2000 My birthday treat #3. The Wackos assembled for a sumptuous and memorable dinner at Suchan. There wuz Anush, back fresh from Down Under (I got an Olympics T-shirt from her), Tesy, James, Julie, and Malar. The peak of the evening was when James demonstrated that humour isn't just dry, it can be very wet too!

friends 20-04-2000 My birthday treat #2. Azian, Joji and Tesy took me out to Legend Hotel during lunch to see the Instant Cafe Theatre perform. No photos, unfortunately, but I did get to play with Simba on the way back. Got a book from Joji, and a tiger T-shirt from Tes. 

friends 17-04-2000 My birthday treat #1. Honey, hubby and sis gave me a hefty serving of African cuisine for dinner

friends 16-04-2000 Rita's Wedding. On my birthday, Rita decides to get married and you can take a peek at her wedding photos which I took.

personal 09-04-2000 Emotional States. Added some 3D renders of poses that denote basic human emotions. Check them out here.


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