March 2001 News
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personal 31-03-2001 Holiday to Europe!. Just to inform you ahead of time that I'm taking a holiday from 3-13 Apr 2001 to England, Scotland and Sweden to visit old friends and attend a wedding. Look at some preparation I did before the trip that included visiting Siti's mum, Amir's parents and Sharm's mum.

personal 24-03-2001 3D Ball Throw. I rushed to do this little clip for Hash's animation contest, so if you're bored, check it out here.

personal 22-03-2001 4 Books and a DVD. The three books and one DVD I bought from arrived but I had to pick them up from the Postal Office in Sepang. This was because the DVD was charged import duties. The books are Acting for Animators by Ed Hooks, Story by Robert McKee and The Art of the Storyboard by John Hart. The DVD is Toy Story 1 & 2 : The Ultimate Toy Box : 3 Disc Collector's Set by Disney & Pixar. The fourth book I bought from local MPH Bookstores and is Disney's Art of Animation.

personal 15-03-2001 Stereo 3D Renders. Inspired by the recent showing of Stereo 3D movies on TV, I experimented with Animation Master to produce these images. You'll need a pair of those red/blue glasses to view them.

work 09-03-2001 Bandar Muadzam Site Visit. Wanna see what it's like to be in a town in the middle of nowhere? Uniten's College of Business will be shifted here, so if you'd like to live in a peaceful environment close to nature, this is the place.

personal 04-03-2001 Alfa Racing at Sepang F1. A very special once-in-a-lifetime opportunity was to get to drive on the Sepang F1 Circuit in my Alfa 146. Drool at this spectacular event!


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