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friends 31-12-1999 Millennium at PDThe Wackos are planning for a special, wild, extravaganza party to celebrate the dawn of the new Century, all the way in Port Dickson (meaning away from Bangsar...) right till the morning sunrise, up on the sandy beachfront of Avillion. Wish you were here... Btw, please take time off to read Rizal's "Last Review of the Century" epic piece! Definitely rated 5-star, considering he was sleeping on the back seat most of the time...

personal 30-12-1999 Bought a VCD Player. Took a drive to 1 Utama and bought myself a Sharp DX-V88W Twin-tray VCD Player for RM669. Once I got home, I launched the opening of TGV-PJ and all of us (meaning all of Yusof's kids, etc.) saw "Toys Story 2" ! After buka puasa, I put on "Rush Hour" and we had a good laugh. Looks like we're gonna spend the next couple of weeks watching movies.... weee!

friends 26-12-1999 Tesy's Shock in JBLast on the list to be given the shock treatment by Sharm was our Queen Armidala, who, for the first ten seconds, didn't even realised that Sharm was sitting on her living room sofa, and then, when she did, gave a scream that would have given Santa a heart attack. The Wackos had driven to Johor Bahru, you see, to visit Tesy during Xmas. Dinner at her home was delicious, but I still want my Thai burger....

friends 19-12-1999 Sunday MovieI just saw a most touching and beautiful story - "Anna and the King" starring Jodie Foster and Chow Yun-Fat. I had the pleasure of Rita to accompany me, and she too enjoyed the movie. Of course, I had to drag her from her beauty sleep in the wee hours of the morning, and she had to keep me on the edge of suspense by arriving at the cinema in the nick of time.

friends 17-12-1999 Bangsar BarbequeIt was that time of the year again when Wackonian celebrations called for a gathering of hungry souls. This time it was a birthday bash for Sharm. Anush tried to hide Rizal's shoes in the bushes, while Joji dragged her sister Marina to ensure her attendance. Malar was sleepy waiting for Indy to appear, while outnumbered Rita decided her campus was safer grounds, and may regroup forces for a future encounter.

friends 16-12-1999 Buka Puasa at MinesWhat was meant as a straightforward break of fast with my Cyberjaya friends turned into a mini-outing. I arrived at MMU at 5.15pm but since this is in the ourskirts of nowhere, by the time I got reception on my handphone and met up with Rita, it was almost 6pm. We both waited for Juan (Mazwan) and then headed towards Mines Resort where we enjoyed a selection of fish & chips. Next on the agenda was to see "End of Days" which made certain that Rita had Juan as roommate for the nite. I ended my day at 1.30am and henceforth became the Sahur 'wakeup call' duty officer.

friends 14-12-1999 Surprise from SwedenThe Wackos went to pick up some gifts provided by their Swedish connection... But the biggest surprise was that Sharmala had returned from Sweden for a month's holiday! She had roped me in to surprise the rest, the first being Joji, who thot she was Anush hiding behind the cafe counter, while the next were Rizal and Anush, who were asked to rendezvous with me at Vick's home to pick up the gifts, only to rendered speechless when they saw Sharm walk down from the stairs.

personal 11-12-1999 Animation Master. I finally found a bookshop that sold this handbook which explains the workings of Hash's radical 3D modeling and animation software! Costing me a whopping RM175 (after discount!), I'm already on the third chapter but it looks like it'll take me a few months before I become proficient... 

personal 06-12-1999 More Wackos Videos. Now I've completed three CDs containing 18 video clips. Take a look at some of the photo shots! (Updated 9/12/1999!!!)


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