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Being a Wacko leads to the most wonderful life experiences most people only dream about. You as a Wacko will pursue an ambition of sheer bliss and harmony, striving to achieve this goal with such determination and focus, that would leave the rest of humanity blinking in shock and horror. [Typical Wackonians would grin and clap thunderously at his point; if you didn't, it would seriously indicate a deficient level of Wackonian hormones in your bloodstream]. You would then savour the beautiful bounties and pleasures of a sincere pursuit of natural ecstasy through fulfilling your wildest dreams. You relish the simple delights of earthly happiness, and take it to heavenly heights of rapture.
Being a Wacko ensures permanent exclusivity from the conformity of standard society. You would stand out like a purple-coloured, yellow-striped sore thumb, and be the envy of your everyday, garden-variety Wackos-wannabe. You would live a lifestyle of dignified artistry and pomp, always in the limelight even if you tried to maintain a low-profile. You would dine and dance in the latest, happening places and be free to express your special traits on the dancefloor. You could travel the most exotic of locations, and still end up in the lush comfort of your humble abode.
Being a Wacko takes you beyond the limits of living. You would seek out the excitement of perilous challenges and strip off the obstructive walls of permissive behaviour, and cross the threshold of realistic imagination, piercing deep into the dimensions of paradise.
Being a Wacko is purity of substance, magnificence in style. You innovate with originality, and formulate with flair, yet strongly believe in the essence of balance amidst chaos, control alongside creativity, focus inspite of confusion, success after defeat,  peace not war, heaven above hell, and last but not least, love inside hate.
Being a Wacko means realising the truth. Which means it's time to wake up.... hey, the dream is over... err, get a life, ok?

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