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Well, a Wacko is basically a creature of unpredictable character and personality. Wackos generally exhibit quirky humour, and more often than not, are weird and strange in their thinking pattern, typically bursting in spontaneous fun, then quietly simmering in suspicious silence.
I mean, you can't have a Wacko that is plain and straight, demure and disciplined, or ordered and obedient. That would be out of the question, even though, it is possible to find Wackos in such a disposition. Wackos are a very rare variety, and when you do happen to come across one, you may find them somewhat disconcerting, yet as you get to know them better, they are quite a friendly type, and pretty down to earth. Still, they can be selective in making friends, and can seem rather aloof when they banter about aimlessly, which is something they frequently carry out.
Wackos love freedom. They love to do what pleases them. And what pleases them may not please others. But they still do it, and get away with it at the same time. Wackos love the company of other Wackos, even though after a while, they'll start complaining that they have no life except to be with each other, and that they should pursue getting a real life by being with real people, but no, somehow, the innate magnestism towards Wackonic characteristic draws them to each other, almost mystically but with certain fate. And even though they exuberate to be together, they sometimes prefer the privacy of their own space and time, quite content with their ownselves. And while they are in their own world, they would reminisce of the good times they have with each other, and then yearn for the company of similar party-going animals.
To give a few good examples of Wackonian attitude and practices, glean through some emails below that they have sent to each other, and pick up the various traits that permeate from within a Wackonian skull:-
From: Rodziah Jaafar @IRU
Sent: Thursday, November 28, 1996 12:07 PM
Subject: Re: Post Langkawi Meet

8.00 am?? That means i have to be at work by 7.55 am. Utterly unthinkable!
By the way:
* where do we gather?
*is the 'driver' driving?
To the grape-head that works on Saturdays...... up-your-pineapple!
P.S. I'm all alone (boo-hoo) till Sunday nite. What's the plan for the weekend???
From: Devendran @ GenHQ
Sent: Friday, November 29, 1996 10:49 AM
Subject: Towards the development of sustenance........

SInce breakfast is an important part of the day, I shall acquiesce and attend the said function. As it will be more than likely that my vehicle and services will be used for the said adventure, I shall attempt to coordinate the event.
At this moment, there are confirmations pouring in, leaving Zu the only participant who has yet to reply.
Zu, Zu, where are you?
all around, we're looking for you;
over hill and dale, and valley blue,
Zu, Zu our tummies beckon vouz.
Tentatively, we meet at 8am Saturday Nov 30,, NLDC building lobby, and hence proceed to 'Boobs'.
.........Warp 5.........engage!
From: Rizal Arus Tajul Arus@SALARIES
Sent: Monday, January 27, 1997 10:13 AM
Subject: RE: karoake disaster

Mrs. Rodziah,
May i salute you for your powerful stand. Mr. Harun has been guilty of pooping numerous parties and this unethical behaviour must be put to an end. i propose that Mr. Harun be arrested and put on trial for breaching the unwritten yet holy Wackos constitution.
May i second you on your call for a karaoke session as in a.s.a.p. This is indeed a step in the right direction in the indoctrination of Mr. Harun as a Wacko in the truest sense.
May i point out that Ms. Anussa, Ms. Tesy, Mrs Lina, Mrs. Ju, and the will-be Mrs. Sharmala need to take a more acitve role on the karaoking circuit.
May i mention that the assistance of Mr. Azlan would be most invaluable as he is much experienced in the areas of partying and karaoking........... etc....
Mr. Harun,
May i mention that failure to become a Wacko in the truest sense may result in you becoming a Wacko in a real sense.
From: Zuraidah Hassan @ isd
Sent: Saturday, November 29, 1997 10:54 AM
Subject: RE: Kambing Sacrifice

My dearest long lost Kambing Guruns;

I am going back to Johor this Saturday 29/11/97 to attend my cousin’s wedding. Then I will be going to Kuantan to service my car. I will only be back on the 9/12/97. I bought a new swimming suit for South China Sea dip.

So, you have my blessing to sacrifce Tesy, since it is her fault for the late attendance. I’m sure the Langkies would prefer her sexy body than me. They will only make soup (Sup buntut kambing) out of me.

Have loads of fun !!!!!!!!

From: Sharmala Shavananda @isd
Sent: Wednesday, March 12, 1997 8:06 AM

Dear cowboys and cowgals,

The time is drawas near for the shootdown, Well then again it is not a shootdown but the annual dinner. and I need to know chicken or I assume all are paying cash so please cough up the dough or I shall be arrowed down by the Chief Sitting bull. Sorry about that little bit of drama but then again what is life without a little bit country and western drama.

SO is it the chook or is it the fish ? And money oh great cowboys and cowgals.

By the way what are we to perform at the dinner

From: Anussa Ratnasingam@Payment,TNB
Sent: Tuesday, February 18, 1997 1:44 PM
Subject: Cookie raid at Joji's...Riz? & Rooney?

Okay people, we're goinng to raid Joji's...at 5p.m. and the mission is to eat as much of London cookies and get her to buy us dinner at....??? So are we ready or what???

From: Tesy Antony @Payments,TNB
Sent: Friday, December 20, 1996 4:08 PM
Subject: Party at rizal.........

Heard that you all had a grrrreaatt...time at the party...... with the lembaga hitam and putik and homosexuals! Gosh I missed that one ........ really! So I hear that Rizal is going to have another big one B4 Puasa starts!Yep!Yep!

From: Harun Wahab @JSM,TNB
Sent: Friday, November 29, 1996 3:19 PM
Subject: wackos

Do you know the amount of email traffic generated from all this "brekie" & wotnot talk has made me create a new folder, called wackos, to store all this culturally enlightening stuff! What with Brother Maynard and Saint Attila, I’m sure we can head towards unequivocal sustainable development.


So, I now hope you are better acquainted with the Wackos! 

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