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bulletWelcome! My name is Harun Wahab and I am one of the founders of the Wackos Unlimited. It started several years back, when my friends were emailing to each other, and I noted that the thinking that went into the creation of such nonsense decreed us being labeled as Wackos. If you think you are of Wacko material, then email to me and I'll get the Wackonian Committee to consider your application. You may want to familiarise with some important terminologies before attempting the leap into the beyond.
bulletAnyway, I decided to put forth my own diary of events, as only a Wacko would experience, and let it capture the minds and hearts of all those caught in this web of Wackonia.
bulletBe forewarned, this site is not for the faint-hearted or the weak-minded....
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personal 08-10-2006 GPS on PDA. My previous pdaphone, the O2 XDA, was stolen on 31 Mar 2006. After six months, I bought myself a new gadget with built-in GPS - the Mio A700. It costs me RM 2,450 with a 1GB SDcard and its installed with the latest Malaysian navigational roadmaps.

personal 16-09-2006 My Zenfolio Gallery. Finally, I've decided to showcase my photographic portfolio on a paid online gallery - harun.zenfolio.com. Enjoy! (Note: Previous online galleries have been deleted.)

personal 01-09-2006 New Nikon D200 DSLR. I had to enter the "dark side" by purchasing my first DSLR - you can read why I needed a D200 and why I like it very much. Of course, at around RM 9,000 I had better like it....

personal 04-02-2006 My Assessment of the FZ30. Having used this digicam for a few months, I created a website detailing my impression of the Lumix FZ30. Lots of useful info and pics to share.

personal 26-01-2006 To Photo or To Zoto? Not satisfied with Fotopic or Flickr, I created a new Zoto photo gallery to showcase my photography and snapshots.

friends 15-12-2005 A Taste of Moonshine. Reza, my nephew, organised an acoustic jazz gig and asked me to be photographer. You can see the results of the music show.

family 20-11-2005 Death in Family. In a span of just ten days, I lost two of my uncles. See photos of their funeral here and here. [Edited 24/9/2006 - gallery deleted.]

family 18-11-2005 My Family Tree. To really see where my roots are, view my total family tree.

personal 09-10-2005 New Lumix FZ30 Digicam. To quell my thirst in improving my photography, I bought a new digital tool - the FZ30.

personal 25-06-2005 New Photo Gallery. I've published a new Photo Gallery and you can also rate my photos there. [Edited 24/9/2006 - gallery deleted.] 

friends 07-01-2005 Wackos Dive. Once a year, when Sharm returns to her homeland, the Wackos meet for some gossip updates, this time at Joji's new home.

family 01-10-2004 Alicia Keys Concert. We got to see Alicia live in Kuala Lumpur! Taking photos was prohibited, but you can see some in my blog. 

work 04-09-2004 London Getaway. Just when everyone at office is up to their neck in work, I fly to London for a two-week course / holiday.

personal 14-08-2004 XDAII Clearcase. An improvement to my current case, I bought the Javoedge Clearcase for my Pdaphone. 

work 13-08-2004 ICT Roll-Out. Our business plans were at the final stages, and we got together, King Arthur style, to ensure its completeness.

family 14-07-2004 The Nikon Family. When you demand the best in life, you'll know why you want to be a Nikonian. See our newest digicam member.

personal 11-07-2004 My First Blog. Maintaining this website takes a bit of effort. I wanted something that I could update easily on a daily basis, so I created my Wackos Blog.



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