How to become a Wacko?
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I see you are becoming crazy enough to consider applying for the status of Wacko. You won't regret the outlandish benefits, but first you must pass the test of Wackobility.
Fill in the form below completely, and honestly, and submit it to the Wackonian Committee for further assessment. The final say is ours, and we will also have the last laugh.
Name: Email Address:
Sex: Gender:
Status: Statistics:
IQ: Inclination:
Curfew time:

Pastime (click all that apply):

brekkie-ing  lunching  tea-ing  dining  dancing  karaoke-ing  skiving  movie-going  outdooring   indooring  mooring  baby-sitting  baby-making  baby-producing  baby-ing  mami-ing  fantasising   teasing  joking  acting  dramatising   missing  brooding  hunting  plodding   losing  sleeping  partying  eating  dieting  shopping holidaying

Tell us why you think you are Wacko material???


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