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The motto is We simply have no limits, that's why were called Wackos Unlimited.


To prove this point, I had once emailed to the Wackos group and daringly asked them to write a short essay describing my character and personality:-


From: Harun Wahab @isd
Sent: Friday, June 13, 1997 9:40 AM
To: Rizal Arus Tajul Arus@SALARIES; Nurmazlina Mohd.Noor @ Legal; Rodziah Jaafar @IRU; Sharmala Shavananda @JSM,TNB; Zuraidah Hassan @ JSM,TNB; Anussa Ratnasingam@Payment,TNB; Devendran @ GenHQ
Subject: Essay Writing Time...

This is a wacko request from me:

Could each of you please draft a short essay on the following:

1. Describe me (as in Harun Wahab) in terms of my looks (i'm sure Joji has a lot to say...)
2. Describe me in terms of my character / personality (Riz, Sharm, etc can contribute here....)

Don't ask why I'm asking you to do this - Just Do It! (You may sprinkle some wackonian spices....)


And to my delight, I had these inspiring responses:-


From: Rizal Arus Tajul Arus@SALARIES
Sent: Friday, June 13, 1997 4:05 PM
Subject: A++ Essay  

A wacko request indeed ... see Sharm, i told you Wawa's not right for Harun ... he's gonna place this ... in the icebreakers matchmaker or in the chatlines ... Harun, if those things work ... i might give them a shot myself ... Anyway here goes:

Mr. Harun Wahab, a handsome man, with his exotique looks and his fair olive white skin evokes a myriad of thoughts from those who see him for the first few times. His face resembles the head of a Chinese dragon commonly used in Chinese dances. "I'd like to laugh at that whimsical face, but then again it looks too serious to be funny" says one. "It's not a funny face; it's an angry one ... no wait, it's a tensed face ... as if he's consumed to his neck in something ... too much work or is he being pressured into a commitment by somebody?" replies another.

However varied these reactions may be to Mr. Harun's face, no doubt, it complements his personality perfectly. He is a complex person to understand. He has his own set of morals and rarely follows others footsteps. This is a positive trait but at times he does have trouble expressing his views ... and to turn a puddle into a muddle, he is surrounded by a certain group wherein certain members take the liberty to assume his thoughts to be negative and label him an antisocial misfit and torture him... a unique misfit perhaps but antisocial misfit certainly does not do Mr. Harun justice.

For those who are familiar with him, they find he is a warm, easy to get along with and happy-go-lucky person ... but to know him takes time and courage... the courage to tease him and bring out a blush ... and all the sarcastic remarks and the gory details of things that you thought could not possibly exist ... such as ghosts and the inner workings of the ancient Unix server...

In conclusion, Mr. Harun is a worthwhile person ... serious but whimsical ... kindhearted but cynical... akin to a trick never dies and always brings about laughter ... and a candle when used correctly ... that is, in the dark, is brighter than the sun in the daytime.

Thank You.

From: Zuraidah Hassan @ isd
Sent: Saturday, June 14, 1997 6:59 AM
To: Harun Wahab @isd
Subject: RE: Essay Writing Time...

What do we get out of giving you your wish?

From: Harun Wahab @isd
Sent: Friday, June 13, 1997 12:03 AM
To: Zuraidah Hassan @ isd
Subject: RE: Essay Writing Time...

ice cream of your choice at haagan daz, bangsar. (this applies only to you Ju!) [only you are crazy enough to ask me this!!!]

From: Zuraidah Hassan @ isd
Sent: Saturday, June 14, 1997 8:18 AM
To: Harun Wahab @isd
Subject: RE: Essay Writing Time...

Does that mean I have to lie to deserve the i scream?


From: Azian Zainal Abidin @Treasury
Sent: Thursday, June 19, 1997 1:32 PM
To: Harun Wahab @isd
Subject: Intellectual Response To Wacko Request

Okay Harun,
How shall I compare ( describe ) thee........( borrowing from Shakespeare)
Shall I compare thee to a......Cheshire cat?
Thou art harder to fathom, no, no! None of these comparisons. Instead here goes...
What (take that as Who) Is A Harun?

Harun is a composite of most things good
Who, most often than not, is really misunderstood

Personally without style, he however, is full of grace
His smile, when appears, does light up his face

Being cool, he is seldom angry or sad
Which infuriates and do make some friends mad

His air of innocence and little boy lost
Brings out the motherly instinct of women he accost

With the exception of...Joji, Anussa and maybe Sham
Who have yet to resort to bodily harm

`cause he provokes and do love to tease
And he will not lie in order to please

His forays into cyberspace leaves him no time
To court a lady, however gentle or fine

This preoccupation leaves his friends in despair
But he does have his fun, with imagination and flair

The potential of Harun thus has depths yet unfold
So take heed of these things you now have been told!

PS...Now I know who you remind me of...Puck ... as in "Midsummer's Night Dream"
What's missing are the pointed ears! If not, lo & behold.....the Master of Mischief!
Had enough?

No apologies
Evening Star
18 June 1997


To which I replied:-


From: Harun Wahab @isd
Sent: Thursday, June 19, 1997 4:34 PM
Cc: Azian Zainal Abidin @Treasury
Subject: FW: Intellectual Response To Wacko Request

What can I say with such words full of flatter
From the light of a Star piercing deep into the matter,
Though not a Puck in a dream nor a cat in Cheshire
I shall take heed of thy unravellings lest I'm torn to tatter!


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