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This diary started on 8th January, 1999, when I recieved my new PC. However, being the true-blue Wacko that I am, it really only started on 24th January, 1999 as I begin to transfer thoughts into bytes. Since I have not bought my colour scanner yet, the pictures won't get into this site, until, well, until I buy my colour scanner, of course. And although my PC is connected to the Internet, I have yet to create the actual website, so all this writing is happening on my PC. See, I have to tell you all this, or else you'll never know the truth of the beginnings of Wackonia.
Another thing - this website is really meant for myself, as a sort of record of events that happen in my life, so that in the years to come, I could reflect over all the silly things I had done, with friends and family, etc. So, it would be highly unlikely that the majority of Internet surfers (wow! it's as if I'm expecting thousands to visit my website...) could understand, let alone appreciate, what in crimson dolphins am I writing about.
Even though I'm not writing this website in a style to be read by the public, putting it on the global network makes me express things somewhat differently than had I simply written it in some plain old paper diary confined to the privacy of my own eyes. (Am I making sense or wot?)
Anyway, I'm happy doing this, and if by perchance that your nimble fingers should decide to share some of your thoughts, please do pen a few words of comments into my guestbook. Who knows what would transpire from such exchanges of words....

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