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Glossary of Important Wacko Terminology

Wacko - a singular entity embued with qualities of extreme weirdness blended in a juicy cocktail of fun and laughter but cloaked with the outward dynamism of superior trendiness and intelligence.
Wackos - an inseperable group of abovementioned entity, whose single mission in eternity is to be infused with subliminal fun, and get away with everything they do, acts that would inadvertently stick-out-like-a-sore-thumb in the eyes of the typical public. Acts like going for brekkie at 8:00am till 10:15am, then having lunch from 11:45am till 2:45pm, breaking off for tea from 4:00am until 5:30pm, all during working hours. Sometimes we would throw in a movie at either 11:00am or 3:00pm....
Wackonia - typical hangouts of the Wackos, which include places to eat, relax, dance, and see movies. A complete listing is available here.
Wackonism - an inexplicable act exhibited by a person, normally a Wacko, that verges on nonsensical and phenonominal. See Wackomnesia.
Wackonistic - normally meaning Wackonistic Behaviour : the tendency to fluctuate with sudden bursts of Wackonism.
Wacky - a characteristic attribute of a Wacko : extreme intelligence tightly coupled with non-linear patterns of madness and anti-authoritarian.
Wack - what you get on the backside for being an active Wacko too long. What you are also permitted to give for being an active Wacko too long.
Wackology - A special branch of medical science rooted in Gynaecology that is studied and practiced by the resident Dr. Quack.
Wackothermia - fear of dancing, especially on the dance floor or during reheasals of management retreats, by those typically born of chicken feet. It can also mean fear of swimming, or even getting into the water with a life jacket. Fear of karaoke would also be diagnosed as suffering from Wackothermia.
Wackomnesia - the fine art of repetitively losing your keys and locking yourself outside. This usually happens with car and room keys, but is not limited to such common items. Heavy research by professors in Wackology and a fair amount of athletic dose by resident health expert Clark Hatch, has still refused to vanquish this disease that has befallen certain members of the Wackonian fraternity. Woe be those that cross the path of Wackos stricken with this ailment.
Wackobility - An in-born trait that can be honed to perfection, with an index rating measured in a simple scale of 1 to 10. Similar to an agpar score, but more pronouced and apparent.
Wackomania - A natual phenomena that occurs every Wackocyle, where the integrated neurons of the Wackos spark and ideas for lunches or dinner, dancing, movies and holidays burst in unison. Note that the very short span of the Wackocycle may be the reason for WackoMissions never realising beyond their dream-state.
Wackoliday - a typical WackoMission that remains in its inception, and only progresses into later stages after many, many Wackocycles. A Wackoliday must contain a beach resort preferably on some paradise island (that can be directly reached by an airplane, although landing in Kuala Terengganu and then taking a boat to Tioman means the same thing to some people), and the resort must have a disco and a nice swimming pool (even if members of the trip may be subjected to Wackothermic torture). Enormous efforts in pre-planning is required to ensure that bouts of Wackomnesia does not jeopardise the mission.
Wackonian - the institute that serves as the alma-mater of undergraduates of the Wackonian degree. Entry to the institute is by invitation only, and graduation occurs upon departure from the Wacko group, either voluntarily or otherwise, such that the physical locale is no more near the vicinity of Wackonia. Examples include Bristol and Sweden. This does not mean they are no more Wackos, merely distant from it, and may rejoin, in harmony, to the subliminal chaos that motivates the core of each Wacko.
Wackocyle - a mood-based period that that can be expressed in the following formula:-
where C is the Cycle, M is the Mood factor, and E is the combined energy of the Wackos (E is obviously derived from E=MC^2 for you dodos out there). (Btw, ^2 means squared or "to the power of two")
C is normally measured in minutes, with an average of 5,
M is derived from 3 special constants called the 3D constants : dunno, dowwant, and doneed
E can be accelerated using the F catalyst : faster-lah, further-further, for-what? (sometimes what-for?),
WackoMission - a focussed and enduring value-adding quest, a short-term strategic initiative that benefits the Wackos in the long-term, a fun-filled adventure conjuring visions of ecstatic debauchery; this is the mark of a leader, a trait common to every aspiring Wacko.

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