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Wacko Wars

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Tesy Anthony

Tesy is the 'mami' of the Wackos group. A real motherly being. You will catch her always smiling, and indeed has a warm and pleasant nature. But beneath this well-mannered conduct, is a purity in Wackonism that embraces you like a kiss from the Queen of Darkness. You won't know what hit you.

She holds the record for locking herself out of her car, three times in a single year. She has also locked herself out from her office and her home countless times, requiring her to put up the night with Anush or Sharm. She had managed to cause a bomb-scare at Heathrow airport and delayed the flight by hours. Maybe it's because she swears to the efficacy of Cleo magazine as a guide to life's challenges. She is a bomb ready to blow. She is the epitome of unpredictability. She is the meaning of chaos. She is Real Adventure. Isn't she just great?

Otherwise, she's your effervescent girl-next-door. Ready to give you a helping hand. Willing to give you her listening ear. Humble and courteous. Caring and considerate. Makes delicious pineapple tarts, too.

She is a graduate of UK. She is an Accountant.


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