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Wacko Wars

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Devendran Sinnadurai

Indran is the intellectual, suave, trendy and cool Wacko in the group. At least, that's what he thinks. We know him really to be the almost intellectual, almost suave, almost trendy and almost cool Wacko in the group.

Indran is a damn good dancer. It's thrilling to see him dance. Did I say 'thirlling'. Ok, maybe just 'nice' would do. Indran also likes to drive people nuts by not turning up to on an appointment and deciding to be just different and missing-inaction.  Did I say 'different'. Maybe I meant 'indifferent'. Anyway, he does make good company, when he appears, and in discussions regarding current hot topics, it is not uncommon to witness him in heated fervor to get his message across. Sharm sometimes calls him Duh, perhaps because she sees a side of him the rest of us missed out. Or maybe she's trying to tell us something.... I wonder.

A graduate from down under, up above, and a few far away places, he is an Engineer.



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