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Wacko Wars

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Anussa Ratnasingam

Anush, as she is normally called, is the tallest in the Wackos group, that's why she had to sit down in the centre of the group photo. She loves to party, and if there's a new disco or new restaurant in town, she'd be the first to explore the place. To her beloved parents, she is an angel from up above, but if only they knew, that to the rest of humanity, she is a wolf in sheep's clothing.... Many a times too,  has she resorted to the 'Standard Hoodwink Insurgent Technique' (SHIT) which requires a great deal of 'Basic Undetectable Loophole Lies' (BULL).

She is definitely not your typical Indian girl, and has a liking for everything Italian, and recently, German. She is also our reference for the best cheese cake or Tiramisu. She is into fitness and keeping-in-shape; she would invite you for breakfast or lunch, but not eat anything, except for a glass of water. I think she is the lightest in the group too. Well, maybe after Joji.

Super efficient when it comes to doing her chores. Quite keen to provide directions to the car driver (normally me), but more often than not, will lead you to dead alleys or roadblocks, exclaiming, "I'm so sure there was a road here leading to the place we want to go. Very sure. In fact, keep going straight. Further... further, more... more, keep going..., (and all of a sudden), now! now! turn right." With friends like her, you'll never need to go on a roller coaster. You get it for free.

A graduate from Melbourne, she is an Accountant.


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