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Wacko Wars

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Rodziah Jaafar

Joji, borned Rodziah Jaafar, is the chief director of the Wackos group. Without her, the group flops to a shrivelled assemblage of uninteresting poopers. She is the profusion of excitement. She is the glamour of the night. She is the provocateur of your wildest dreams. Apart from that, she's just like one of us. With ordinary qualities like stubborn, fussy, and bossy. Once you get to know her, and once you get used to her, then she's very adorable. (Or do we have a choice?)

Joji has the original, untainted, bona-fide 'dance' genes. If there's anything that can bring her out of boredom, it's good, upbeat music. And she can dance for hours, non-stop. She loves R&B, but can move to almost any type of melody. She also loves to karaoke, and I think it was her that brought the rest of us into this singing sensation. To listen to her singing sensationally. To be forced to sing. To learn to pretend to sing along. Basically, if there are any hip, happening gigs running in town, she'd be lured to it like a fly to a lamp.

Joji loves exotic salads and outlandish dishes, like Japanese cuisine. She flourishes on chocolate cakes and has a fancy for expensive merchandise. She can prepare appetising Mee Soto, and we occasionally utilise her sandwich maker to toast some mouth-watering tuna-cheese sandwiches, and then relocate ourselves from her kitchen to her 'lanai', or cosy sitting room, where relaxation is the main priority.

She is a graduate of the UK. She is an Accountant.


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