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Wacko Wars

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Harun Abdul Wahab

Hey, you've got to this page. Fantastic. Well, this is me, and I had to dress like a mad hatter to qualify for a place in the Wacko group. I am seen here wearing a 'tanjak', a Malay warrior's cap, usually adorn by the groom in a wedding for ceremonial purposes. I am also wearing my "I'm bored, bored, bored..." T-shirt, which has Garfield on it (he's somewhat hidden), presented to me by Anush and Rizal, because I tend to say those very words when monotony sets in. To complete the costume, a 'sarong' is a must, because it seems, none of the Wackos has seen me in one. So there.

I am actually just a tag-along in this wondrous Wackos group. Sometimes, I can be radically proactive, other times quite quiet, and most times, simply irritating. I love to tease and be cheeky, but I can exhibit a serious demeanor. I have absolutely no sense of direction. I am like a deaf bat when it comes to navigating. I love cats, though. But I own none. Cats, of any variety, can be a strong distraction from even the most beautiful girls. I miss cats.

One of my good qualities is that I can eat just about anything. I don't eat a lot, but just about everything tastes good to me. I am easy to please, I guess. But then again, I can be quite particular. I think I am fairly creative. Undisciplined but imaginative. Intolerable but inspirative. Incomprehensible but inventive.

I graduated from London, UK. I am a Systems Analyst.


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