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Sunday, 31 October 2004
Beds of Flowers
Mood:  happy
Topic: General
I was at my office today to do some computer server configuration. I took pictures of these colourful flowers which surround our HQ building. These flowers are renewed every two weeks, if I'm not mistaken. Meaning they are removed and fresh ones replanted.

Posted by harun at 12:01 AM WST
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Saturday, 30 October 2004
Window Patterns
Mood:  spacey
Topic: Office
This is the main HQ building of my office. It is an old building actually, but has an interesting design. Each of those rectangular cubicles represent a window, and there are 11 floors altogether. It is surrounded by a groups of trees, plants and beds of flowers.

Posted by harun at 12:01 AM JST
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Friday, 29 October 2004
Taps For Ablution
Mood:  quizzical
Topic: General
Whenever we pray, it is mandatory to be cleaned first. We must wash ourselves with running water, and taps are a good source of that. Congretional prayers are held every Friday and the mosque is equipped with an array of these water taps.

Posted by harun at 12:01 AM JST
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Thursday, 28 October 2004
Breaking Fast at the Mosque

Today our office had our buka puasa session at the hq mosque. There were lots of people, though mostly university students. The food was traditional Malay cooking. The prayers were nice and short.

remote Posted by harun at 8:57 PM JST
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Wednesday, 27 October 2004
A Visit to the Postoffice
Mood:  a-ok
Topic: General
Visiting the postoffice is nowadays a very rare occurence. Almost all correspondence I do tends to be using email and the Internet. However, I wanted to send some photo prints to my friends in London, UK. These were pictures from my recent trip to their homes over there. Hopefully, they'll receive the letter in a week's time.

Posted by harun at 1:51 PM JST
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Tuesday, 26 October 2004
Queing in the Bank
Mood:  rushed
Topic: General
I had to go to the bank today. Normally I'd perform most transactions online, but to put in cheques, or take out cash, you'd have to use their ATM machines. It wasn't very crowded so service was quick.

Posted by harun at 12:01 AM JST
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Monday, 25 October 2004
The Backlanes
Mood:  not sure
Topic: General
I was out in town today and was parking my car in one of the buildings. From the carpark that was on a higher level, you can see the opposite shoplots, that was part of a backlane to the main road. I think the one with a lot of buckets is a restaurant. They are probably cleaning the kitchen or something.

Posted by harun at 12:01 AM JST
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Sunday, 24 October 2004
My Dressing Table
Mood:  vegas lucky
Topic: Personal
Every morning, after taking a shower, I'd be in front of my dressing table to groom myself. I'd have an assortment of toiletries, hairbrush, and mirror to make me up. In a matter of minutes, I'm all set and ready to go.

Posted by harun at 12:01 AM JST
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Saturday, 23 October 2004
Scratchin' Cat
Mood:  smelly
Topic: General
The neighbour's white cat was visiting us again, this time she was on the brick fence. You'd either find this cat sleeping or cleaning itself, and here she was busy combing her head.

Posted by harun at 10:38 PM JST
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Friday, 22 October 2004
Raining of the Federal Highway
Mood:  d'oh
Topic: General
It's been raining almost everyday for a few weeks. Not heavy rain, sometimes just a drizzle. I was driving back to PJ along the Federal Highway and here I am passing the famous RM1m Selangor archway that depicts the boundary between KL and PJ.

Posted by harun at 4:25 PM JST
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