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Saturday, 13 November 2004
Car Window Repair
Mood:  irritated
Topic: Personal
My car electric window stopped working today, so I had to go to a car repair shop and get it fixed. I thought it was going to be quick and easy, but simply fixing a switch relay fault took more than an hour.

It was opening and closing of the casing of the door panels and fusebox that took longest. Anyway, it works now and I'm happy.

Posted by harun at 9:11 PM WST
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Saturday, 6 November 2004
Sports Rim
Mood:  on fire
Topic: Personal
This is the sports rim of my car. It is an Allesio 16" alloy called "Monte Carlo" and costs a bomb. I haven't washed it so you can see the dirt on the paintwork. It's fitted with Goodyear Eagle F1 tyres - 205/45.

Posted by harun at 12:01 AM WST
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Sunday, 24 October 2004
My Dressing Table
Mood:  vegas lucky
Topic: Personal
Every morning, after taking a shower, I'd be in front of my dressing table to groom myself. I'd have an assortment of toiletries, hairbrush, and mirror to make me up. In a matter of minutes, I'm all set and ready to go.

Posted by harun at 12:01 AM JST
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Thursday, 14 October 2004
Mood:  irritated
Topic: Personal
On my last day at Sheraton Imperial attending a course, I took a different exit out from the hotel. Unfortunately, due to the angle of the incline of the road and buldging metal hump at the gateway of the exit, my car got stuck on the hump. This was because my car has lowered sports suspension, and the exhaust pipe is very close to the ground.

Thankfully, some of the hotel staff helped by putting flat pieces of rock underneath the rear tyres and i managed to lift the car out of the jam it was in.

Next time, I must remember to use the other exit...

Posted by harun at 12:01 AM JST
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Monday, 27 September 2004
Rainy Traffic Jam
Mood:  down
Topic: Personal
I'm going home from office, and not only is there the usual traffic jam, but it's raining too. Which causes a greater jam.

And to add insult to injury, I just washed my car yesterday. It's nice and shining, and it's now splattered with acid rain and muddy water from the roadside.

Thankfully, I stay close to the office, so it took me only minutes to reach home. Pity those other drivers...

Posted by harun at 7:28 PM JST
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Friday, 24 September 2004
Souvenirs From London
Mood:  happy
Topic: Personal
I began dishing out the souvenirs I bought in London to my office friends. As you can see, there are two types of gifts, and they can only choose one. Some took several minutes to decide, often changing their minds and swapping the coaster for the fridge magnet thingy.

Unfortunately, I have got a limited amount of these, so I had to be picky who I was going to give it to. Anyway, part of me is still in London. I think it'll take a few more days before the effect wears off...

Posted by harun at 7:52 PM JST
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Wednesday, 22 September 2004
Back Home in KL
Mood:  a-ok
Topic: Personal
Once arrived at KLIA, I had to take the usual shuttle service to get the the baggage reclaim and immigration area.

There were quite a few tourists from Britain. I wonder how they feel being away from home, and traveling to a foreign tropical land like Malaysia?

My brother Hussien and his family fetched me at the arrival gateway. I was tired but very grateful that someone was there to pick me up. We chatted all the way back home about my trip overseas. And he was desperately curious about my Brighton trip.

You can satisfy your curiosity by viewing the pictures on my London Holiday here!

Posted by harun at 1:01 AM JST
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Tuesday, 21 September 2004
Nelson at Trafalgar
Mood:  celebratory
Topic: Personal
My flight departs at 10.30pm in the night, so I had the whole day to tour London.

Needless to say, I forgot to visit Trafalgar Square and witness Nelson perched high on his pedestal.

It was a lovely but chilly day. The breeze was slightly stronger, and there were signs of drizzle. I guess this marks the end of the British summer.

Posted by harun at 1:01 AM JST
Updated: Friday, 24 September 2004 7:22 PM JST
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Sayonara London
Mood:  blue
Topic: Personal
It was time to say goodbye to London and the United Kingdom. Kinda sad really, cos this is very much my second home. George and Maria, my landlord and wife, sent me to Heathrow (after giving me a hefty dinner.)

I still couldn't resist the business class executive lounge grubbies, so I helped myself with more food and yoghurt. I think I had gained 2 kilos since I left KL.

I managed to squeeze in two meals on board the MAS flight. Had more yoghurt and pink quava.

Still, all those delicious and tasty food cannot make me miss my London.

Posted by harun at 1:01 AM JST
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Monday, 20 September 2004
Last Minute Shopping
Mood:  on fire
Topic: Personal
With only 1 day left in London, I planned to do a hectic's day of shopping. My landlady prepared me a scrumptious brunch, complete with orange juice and fresh peaches.

After that, I was busy going in and out of tube stations ferrying myself from Knightsbridge to Bond Street and to other nearby places. It was tiring but I managed to get 90% of my shopping done.

Posted by harun at 12:01 AM JST
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