My First Ever IRC Chat Session

12:32 Joining chat room... 
Started talking in hash3d on Tuesday 13/07/2004 12:32:47 AM 
Room topic is: v11.0k pc and v10.5 rev 2 mac out 
#hash3d [freenode-info] please register your nickname...don't forget to auto-identify! 
12:33 Rodneyb cat's with claws 
Rodneyb ! 
DarkLimit ok bye Rod..until next time 
Rodneyb Take Care! 
<- DarkLimit has disconnected 
Rodneyb scary 
catclaw hi 
Rodneyb Howdy 
EctoZombie What the!?... 
12:34 Rodneyb That is what I say!!!!! 
EctoZombie i go to a meeting and Dark disappears never to return? 
Rodneyb I didn't do it! 
Rodneyb !! 
Rodneyb I think he is going to Jarkarta or something.... 
Rodneyb is confused 
EctoZombie Jakarta!? 
EctoZombie what the... 
Rodneyb I can't remember where 
12:35 catclaw this is the first time i'm on irc chat 
Rodneyb and I'm imagining things... cause I don't know 
EctoZombie weird 
Rodneyb Welcome Cat 
Rodneyb We are having a chat crisis..... 
catclaw also first on hash3d chat 
EctoZombie yeah... for some reason I have "Man on the run" going through my head 
Rodneyb but it's good to see you 
Rodneyb Roughy is missing too 
Rodneyb !! 
12:36 EctoZombie welcome catclaw, donuts are in the corner but Rod already ate all the jelly filled ones 
Rodneyb yup 
Rodneyb all of em 
catclaw hiya guys, wot time is it over there? 
EctoZombie he such a pig 
Rodneyb needs lots of coffee 
Rodneyb over here? 
EctoZombie depends 
EctoZombie its 9:34 here 
EctoZombie but I'm sure Rod is in a different timezone 
EctoZombie a.m. that is 
Rodneyb It's 11:35 here....... 
12:37 Rodneyb hehe 
Rodneyb that extra minute is important 
catclaw ah, ok, it's 12.37am here 
Rodneyb where is here? 
catclaw but that is 13 july, tho 
catclaw am in malaysia... 
Rodneyb Japan? 
Rodneyb what the...... 
EctoZombie here is over there 
12:38 -> Don has joined hash3d 
Rodneyb I just typed malasia........ 
Rodneyb DON! 
Don ROD!!! 
Rodneyb !! 
Don whats up 
Rodneyb there are a lot of cats that use A:M evidently 
12:39 Rodneyb nyhakitty 
Rodneyb cat 
Don feline? 
Rodneyb catclaw 
Rodneyb etc 
Rodneyb Malaysia eh? 
Rodneyb I just returned from 8 years in Japan 
Rodneyb :o) 
Rodneyb or should that be :o( 
12:40 Rodneyb not sure...... 
Don How was it?? 
Don the eight years I mean 
Rodneyb Well.... good! 
12:41 Rodneyb I got married.... had a family..... bought A:M....... 
Rodneyb hehe 
Rodneyb is (RodneyB) 
Rodneyb is in the following rooms: hash3d 
Rodneyb is using the server ( 
Rodneyb signed on at 08/07/2004 03:08:48 PM, and has been idle 10 seconds 
Don AM ... What we measure time by 
Rodneyb yup 
12:42 Don Rod, did you have a chance to read the article I sen you? 
Rodneyb I sure did!! 
Rodneyb Nice! 
Don Good, I hope you can use it 
-> larry_b has joined hash3d 
Rodneyb With your permission I may have to edit it just a bit. 
Don No problem 
12:43 Rodneyb I'm thinking the second digest 
Don ok 
12:44 <- Rodneyb has disconnected 
12:45 EctoZombie lol 
larry_b what did rodney do?? trying to drownd us out? heh 
EctoZombie silly rod 
Don hes toying with us 
12:46 catclaw i'm trying to figure out what time it'll be in malaysia when hash chat night starts... can someone help? it's gmt +8 over here 
-> Rodneyb has joined hash3d 
catclaw i think 
Rodneyb Am I here? 
Rodneyb what did I miss? 
12:47 EctoZombie us making fun of you for trying to flood the channel 
Rodneyb what? 
larry_b catrclaw.. an easier way is to say 2 days and 6 hours from now 
EctoZombie *** Signoff: Rodneyb (Excess Flood) 
Rodneyb ooopsss 
larry_b that will be 5:00 here.. people may show up a fre hours later thoguh 
12:48 Rodneyb I was posting DLs chat to Larry 
Rodneyb in another window...... 
EctoZombie goofball 
Rodneyb This is too much like reality.......... 
Rodneyb *sigh* 
12:49 Rodneyb so... catclaw.... what are you working on? 
catclaw oh ok, i think that's thurs 7am msian time... corr, time to go to work. 
Rodneyb what brings you to #hash3d? 
12:50 catclaw oh hi rodney 
Rodneyb heya 
catclaw just trying out irc for very first time! 
Rodneyb tis fun... usually 
larry_b heh people are here around that 2 days 6 hours from now (5:00) but many are here till 10:00 at night or later 
12:51 Rodneyb cat... keep in mind that chat starts early... and ends late...... 
Rodneyb so you should be okay 
larry_b and also people are here throughout the week 
12:52 Rodneyb maybe we'll get more Pacific islanders showing up 
catclaw what stuff do u guys normally chat abt? 
Don you name it 
Rodneyb well... we are Off Topic a lot around here 
Rodneyb but..... 
12:53 Rodneyb Soon there is going to be some structured chat 
Rodneyb tutorial chats and the like.... :o) 
catclaw eh? 
Don even if we go OT you can always steer the talk back to AM 
12:54 larry_b rodney.. have you found a video desktop broadcasting chat app yet? 
larry_b (the only way to do a vid tut live in a chat) 
12:55 catclaw i guess this chat thingy is one all the time, huh? not just on wed nite. cool. 
Rodneyb tis not me doing it 
Rodneyb Yeah.. we are here a lot 
Rodneyb and that ecto guy...... 
Rodneyb well... he's the sheriff 
Rodneyb the cop 
Rodneyb the tough guy 
Rodneyb the beach bum 
Rodneyb ;o) 
12:56 EctoZombie that last one is the most correct 
EctoZombie you have to wait until Longhorn for them to port it, but it'll rock for tuts 
12:57 Rodneyb good grief! 
Rodneyb That means some day I might have to be looking at you guys...... as we chat 
Rodneyb eekkk! 
EctoZombie lol 
EctoZombie but the possibilities rock 
Rodneyb that is scary 
Rodneyb yes... they do. 
EctoZombie just not possible with the tech in winXP 
EctoZombie chuckles at that 
12:58 Rodneyb thats a riot 
EctoZombie holds up his Macs rule sign 
Rodneyb har 
larry_b we'll get the tech soon er or later.. like3 5 years from now (like 1eee1394 ports) 
larry_b oops.. I 
12:59 Rodneyb shoots a hole in the "U" 
catclaw hey, how did u enter the purple text "ectozombie chuckles at that"... ? 
EctoZombie type /me and then what you want to do 
catclaw (sorry, am asking silly q) 
Rodneyb yup yup 
Rodneyb nope 
catclaw this is purple text... 
EctoZombie its a common question for first timers 
Rodneyb just type /me and some text 
01:00 Rodneyb yup 
catclaw oooh cool 
EctoZombie i'm gunna add a faq section to the hashchat page eventually 
Rodneyb you better ;o) lol 
EctoZombie har har 
larry_b and now for the next trick... the one that caused merlin to go berzerk on rodney 
EctoZombie gimme a break its only a couple hours worth of work 
01:01 EctoZombie i need to fix a few typos too 
EctoZombie i didn't proof read it close enough 
Rodneyb Ecto does typos?? 
Rodneyb incredible 
EctoZombie hehe 
EctoZombie it happens 
01:02 EctoZombie especially at 80 wpm 
larry_b hope he gets all them I miss lots when I proof read.. right rodney? 
Rodneyb hehbe 
Rodneyb hehbe? 
Rodneyb hehe 
larry_b typo typo 
Rodneyb thaz better 
larry_b should be he-he 
01:03 larry_b or run it through a gramatic checker.. he and he not aloued to be side by side 
Rodneyb Larry you should TRY to mispell everything.... then maybe the words would spell themselves correctly :o) 
Rodneyb lol 
EctoZombie roflmao 
catclaw oh, i wanna logout and see if the chat texts are saved somewhere... r they? 
larry_b I gotta get cracking almopst 2 weeks till a-A:M is needing my vid tut 
Rodneyb what are you using? 
EctoZombie depends on the app 
01:04 Rodneyb mIRC? 
catclaw opera 
larry_b (and others vid tuts) 
Rodneyb ohoh 
Rodneyb an opera user 
EctoZombie not sure if opera logs 
EctoZombie it might 
Rodneyb I don't thing it logs 
Rodneyb Parlo said no 
EctoZombie but most likely it doesn't 
EctoZombie ah, that he did 
Rodneyb but..... 
Rodneyb BUT...... 
catclaw yeah, was looking for a log option, but didn't see one 
01:05 Rodneyb You can copy the text into a text editor 
Rodneyb that would be easy 
larry_b But is a better way rodney.. Capitalize the first letter in a sentence 
Rodneyb good option Larry

01:10 Joining chat room... 
Started talking in hash3d on Tuesday 13/07/2004 01:10:27 AM 
Room topic is: v11.0k pc and v10.5 rev 2 mac out 
Rodneyb heya Cat! 
larry_b that's ok.. when I go to get back into it and jump over several revisions, THEN I can work extremely stable 
catclaw whoops, i think i logged out... 
Rodneyb Welcome to chatland 
01:11 Rodneyb I must take a break.... 
Rodneyb BB in a few hours..... 
Don see ya rod 
Rodneyb or.... maybe 8 if I fall asleep 
Rodneyb cya Don... thanks for the article again! 
01:12 Don any time 
catclaw crikes, good thing i copy&pasted the chats just now... phew 
Rodneyb changes nick to RodneyZzz 
catclaw saved my 1st ever chat session.... 
catclaw sorry, me crazy - pls ignore... heh heh 
RodneyZzz I was that way only a few months ago....... 
01:13 RodneyZzz crazy chatters........ 
RodneyZzz all of you ;o) 
Don go to sleep 
Don YOU 
larry_b wow.. tomorrow I got a coffee time with someone that weas in the industry 
larry_b should be fun 
RodneyZzz says.... Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz 
larry_b not boring rodney 
Don he needs a time out 
01:14 larry_b heh.. poor boy.. burning the candle from the middle AND both ends 
Don waxy fingers 
01:15 larry_b better than waxy ears 
larry_b well, im OFF to work now 
Don that could be how you get waxy fingers 
larry_b chat with you next while and 4 score 
Don see ya then 
catclaw ok, guys, i gotta go - it's past 1am it's time to sleep 
catclaw thanks for keeping me company 
larry_b heh.. oor rod needs to keep his finger s out of his ears 
Don need to get back to work myself 
01:16 larry_b np cat 
catclaw nice chatting with u fellas! 
larry_b till again, Bye 
Don see ya Wed night if not sooner 
larry_b maybe.. I gotta see 
<- larry_b has disconnected