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Based on "Star Wars: Episode 1 - The Phantom Menace"

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Jar Jar Binks 
Anush's hair flaps like JJB's ears and mispronounces words: 'ancestors' = 'an-ches-tors'.
Darth Maul / Sebulba
Dev's a smooth talker, hardly keeps his promises, and creates his own Uno rules.
Skywalker (Luke, Anakin, Darth Vader)
Harun has many different, strange, but interesting characteristics.
Wicket the Ewok
Joji's cute but can be wicked and very demanding.
Princess Leia
Ju is the classic beauty, but being a Skywalker herself, can exhibit her darker side in a blink.
Han Solo
Riz likes to do things on his own and has his own way of thinking.
Sharm can communicate with anybody and 4.3761 billion people know her.
Queen Amidala
Tesy is naive and attracts the wrong kinds of attention.
Yoda & Jedi Maiden
Azian, although master of the Force, has to put up with the antics of the rest of the Jedi fighters. 

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